Thursday, February 2, 2012

Window covering for patio doors? Sunbrella's a good choice.

The name "Sunbrella" probably makes you think of outdoor fabric. Rightly so, that's what they're known for. They also make a great line of fabrics that work just as well for interior decor. Known for its amazing protection from the sun, fade resistance and environmental friendliness, Sunbrella is a good choice.

Sunbrella Drapery Fabrics

Speaking of "sun", it's been a while since I took science but apparantly the sun is at different heights during the year. You forget these things.

With spring on its way to Ottawa (hopefully), March means the sun starts rising higher and this means home owners find it annoying when trying to watch tv or eat supper without the sun getting in their eyes.

Quite often we get calls around this time of year. One particular place that needs extra covering is the patio door. Finding a window covering for a patio door can be a challenge. Verticals work great, but aren't everyone's taste.

One of the most decorative ways to cover a patio door is to use a drapery on a decorative traversing rod (that's one of those ugly white rods made pretty)

tribal familyroom traditional
(decorative traversing rod on patio door, not sunbrella fabric)

Sunbrella fabrics are recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to skin. 

Although its made with the look and feel of cotton, their unique fabric resists fading and is a great choice for indoor drapery and upholstery use.

Sunbrella fabrics are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality and offer a recycling service for customers.

Learn more about Sunbrella.

Get more ideas about window coverings for patio doors.

Here's to an early spring!

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