Tuesday, December 20, 2011

white on white decorating

If you searched "white on white decorating" to see if it was ok, the answer is YES, take a look!

If you searched the term for ideas, have a look! I found these lovely photos on Veranda Magazine's website. 

White on white decorating makes for a restful feel in your home. It's clean and crisp and makes dull days feel alright. May not be suitable for homes that have messy hands. That's up to you.

Matching your drapery to your wall colour is always a safe idea. We find a lot of our clients like to be safe when choosing drapery in a room that's already decorated. 

Use of white in this room is so restful and inviting

White on white decorating in a bedroom is so restful

White drapery, walls and chairs

White table and white walls
White drapery on white walls 
White is used as the back drop for the walls and trim and then picked up again in the couch and accessories

White walls, white couch, white drapery!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 2 ideas on insulation for windows in winter!

Why insulation for windows in winter? So your family enjoyment can stay high and your heat bills low!

Anything is better than nothing but if you're tired of the sheet or Hudson's Bay blanket on your window and want some decorative ideas keep reading.

Yesterday I mentioned the guy with the overhead screen in front of his window to block the sun. I'm sure there are other creative ways to insulate windows in winter, maybe leaving your Christmas tree in front of the window could give some help to the cold air coming through your windows.

I know my list should be way longer than 2! The thing is I started on this topic of insulation for windows in winter and honestly wrote the first two. Then I found this article on Apartment Therapy and my top 2 are on their list.

So here are my top 2...

1. Lined, fully closing drapery. This is the one of the best insulators on a window. According to the University of Texas, for single glazed windows, adding drapes reduces heat loss by 37%, for double glazed windows by 30%, but adding insulated drapes to a single glazed window reduces heat loss by 56% or 48% for double glazed. They warn, however, that in really cold climates condensation can form on windows. This happens when the drapes are too close to the window and don't have any way for the air to get out. If your drapery rod doesn't go all the way to the ceiling and you don't have returns (that part that goes back to the wall) you should be just fine.

Lined Sheers

2. Duette Architella Hunter Douglas shades. Why do I consider this one of the best ideas on insulation for windows in winter? Architella shades have an extra layer of insulation inside the honeycomb. A honeycomb within a honeycomb. Up to 50% of heat can be lost through your windows in the winter months. If you've ever had one on a window, its like a blanket for your window. The only caution is the air not having anywhere to escape. The best thing to do is leave the shade up a tiny bit at the bottom (or the top if you have one of those up down blinds, aka top down) so the air can escape, otherwise you'll get condensation on your windows.

Architella Hunter Douglas
 Have a look at Apartment Therapy's list for their top 5!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorative Art

Let's talk pillows for a bit. I know they don't do a good job of covering your windows.... and this blog is about covering your windows.

I once met a guy on the street that was taking an old overhead screen from someone's garbage. He told me that he would use it to block the sun in his apartment. I thought this was genius, use what works. I think he was single, need I say more. I did think he was creative, however.

This blog is also about awesome fabrics that we come across and use in a variety of ways. I happened to come across Beacon Hill's Decorative Art and was smitten by this pattern. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Decorative Art by Beacon Hill Design

Telfer School of Management in Ottawa was hosting their annual gala to raise money for CHEO. We thought this would be a perfect time to use the fabric in a smaller than drapery size way. Pillows!

Here's the result.

Pillows by Faye Fortune Drapery Design for the Telfer School of Management (Casco) fundraiser 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking for a good style and home magazine with some window drapery ideas?

If you're looking for a good style and home magazine, a few come to mind.

Two great Canadian publications are Style at Home and House and Home.

You can find so many great window drapery ideas.

Recently I was flipping through 2 style and home magazines, one was Decor (Meredith Specials) and the other was Window and Wall Ideas which is put out by Better Homes and Gardens. (haven't seen the latest copy, not sure if they're still making this one)

It's amazing to see how window drapery ideas haven't really changed too much.

I took this picture because I was stunded at how similar these two drapery styles are.

One picture appeared in Window and Wall Ideas in 2000 and the other picture was shown in Decor magazine in 2011.

Window Drapery Ideas. Picture on the left from 2000, picture on the right from 2011

Wow, not a whole lot of difference in window drapery ideas but it's nice to know that your home isn't too outdated is it?

Friday, November 25, 2011

what are roman blinds?

To answer the question "what are roman blinds" cause I know you were asking.... here is a pic taken at a clients home that shows you what it is.
picture of roman blind, outside mount
If full drapery and curtains are not your thing, but you love fabric to decorate with, then a roman blind or roman shade is a great choice for you.

For keeping minimal light gaps from annoying you in the morning, try mouting the roman shade outside the trim.

Our seamsters and seamstresses offer some of the best roman shades canada has to offer. I know that sounds biased, but its so true.

For more info check out wise geeks, they have a ton of answers, or visit us!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make your bathroom look bigger with a shower curtain remedy!

How much of our life is spent in the bathroom? I'm not sure, there must be some statics on this.... I googled it and looks like about 1.5 years of your life, hmm, better make sure you like it.

If your bathroom is feeling smallish or your tub doesn't get enough light, here are some solutions for you to consider. Instead of going to the effort of having an electrician in to install a light, maybe a change in shower curtain is all that's required.

Recently we had a client that had this exact issue.

We decided to make the shower curtain an actual drape. Instead of using grommets or shower hooks, we mounted a modern drapery rod at the ceiling. This gave a nice dramatic effect and when you walk into the bathroom, it seems bigger than it is.

For the style of drape, we decided to do a banding of the main fabric at the top and then about 6" down, we inserted a 12" banding of funky sheer that allows the light in. The rest of the curtain is in the main fabric. I drove one of our seamstresses nuts, but she's awesome so its ok!

We chose Amazing Race in colour Bisque from Robert Allen for the main fabric.

Amazing Race Bisque Robert Allen

For the funky sheer we chose Border Park in colour Oat from Robert Allen.

Border Park Oat Robert Allen

For the drapery hardware we used Kontur from Claire Deco. 

Here is the result.

Custom Shower Curtain

Amazing Race is 100% linen and hangs beautifully. It wasn't wrinkly like some other linens you meet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reason's not to have silk in your kitchen!

I don't really believe that entirely.... but if you're considering silk drapery panels or window coverings of some kind in your kitchen and you have kids, or a husband or pets....beware!

Let's say your child has a runny nose and decides that the patio door drapery panels are a good place to wipe their nose.... you might get a little angry. (this did happen to a friend of mine)

Would I really do that Mom?

Let's say your husband spills his drink and it ends up on your silk panels. What do you do? Hmmm let's not  think about this too hard. It hasn't happened yet, but it could.

Let's say your cat decides to stretch her claws on your panels... this would not be good. I realize a cat doesn't know its silk and could do that to any fabric, but its so shiny and soft, its' just bound to happen.

Food and silk can be a nasty combination, especially since silk tends to mark and stain very easily. I know fabric companies are always on the look out for more durable, sun-resistant fabric, but its still silk!

What would another option be? Faux silk is a polyester and to many is hard to tell from the real deal.

Silk drapery in the dining room? That's ok, how often do you eat in there anyway?

If you have silk in your kitchen, please don't despair, I don't dislike you at all. You must be a person with a great amount of taste.

If you haven't yet decided on the type of fabric for your kitchen window coverings, look at some practical options that give you the same look you're after!

Visit Faye on our site for more thoughts on silk draperies.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How drapery and curtains can change your life!

When I go to client's homes, I love the reaction of the man in particular. The first question is "how much is this going to cost me?" Bottom line please. It makes me smile because I know that's exactly what my hubby would say. It's not like new drapery and curtains is going to change his life in a "save the world" kind of way, like his life would be incomplete without it. But it will finish that room off that his wife has been agonizing over for the past 10 years... On second thought, maybe it will change his life.

Think about a bunch of fabric sewn into a panel with awesome drapery pleats and lining and maybe interlining. Yes, this can change your life.

How?  You ask? It can make you happier on a small scale, because you've finally gotten around to completing your room. Having something beautiful to look at can improve your mental state and give you inspiration.

Or what about a roman shade that functions and keeps the light from shining into your eyes in the morning to wake you up. See, you get to sleep more!

Let's keep going...

Your mother will stop disapproving of your plain windows! Do you have a mother or mother in law like that? We'll save this for another post.

If you do the drapery hanging yourself, you'll get a great workout. Anyone can ask my hubby about that.

For men, it can give them a happy wife.

On the flip side, I once had a man call and say he was desperate and would we finish off the drapes that his wife had started about 2 years ago. That made me smile too!

For women, even though your man says it doesn't matter, deep down it does. See what happens when you hang up a tasteful pair of drapes on a window that is needing some tlc. He'll say something!

Too many pillows on the bed... that's another topic all together. If you take some pillows off, that could change a man's life. Much happier!

You can even save money on your heating costs since window coverings, particularly blinds and fully closing, lined drapery will keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter. How nice is that?

So, happier because of completing a task, getting more sleep, a less disapproving mother, a great workout and saving money!

There you have it! You can always visit our site for other reasons too!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

That 70's thing.

A few years ago when I was in a fabric store that shall remain nameless.( fabricland ottawa ) I saw this fabric and on an impulse brought it home. Cushions, I thought. It was bright and fun and the right colours for our family room....
Robert Allen in Kelly Mahogany from Ruby-Beeswax-Geranium Prints and Coordinates

When I brought it home, my hubby said "Oh no! That is not happening!" Normally he has no issue with what I choose and is really easy going about it. This was shocking!

Turns out it reminded him of the ugly 70's when his mom would bring home orange curtains from rummage sales and proudly explain that she only paid a quarter for them.

I think he had a physical reaction to this fabric. He was really sincerely bothered by it. Rather than press the issue, I figured it's just fabric, no big deal.

I began, however, to question my judgement. Did I really have bad taste? Was this fabric so hideous that it could never be loved?

Imagine how justified I felt when our Robert Allen rep Leisia dropped off a line of new prints and coordinates the other day. There it was, the unloved, ugly 70's fabric! At least Robert Allen agrees with me.

Oh yes, I'm smiling.

Is it really that bad?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bringing the outside in, or the inside out....

These two pics show a great way of bringing the outside in, or perhaps taking the inside out... Since the outside came first, I imagine the idea is to take the inside out. Something to think about with window coverings.

I love the texture of the roman shade and the rugged brown wood on the barn. Faye Fortune Drapery Design

Such a great view of drapery and the outside. Faye Fortune Drapery Design

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Faye Fortune Drapery Design is 24!

24 years ago Faye welcomed her window covering business into the west end of Ottawa. She's been through some tough economic times and even though things tend to be unsettled in the economy these days, she's still busy. I guess she just has a great product and she's an awesome lady! Oh, and my mom!