Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Covering arched windows

Yes, the elusive arch window. So pretty, so frustrating to cover, for most homeowners and some designers too! Here are some ideas to keep in mind when covering arched windows. Consider if you need sun protection, privacy or want something completely decorative that doesn't need to function.

Options to consider are nothing, drapery, shutters, blinds and cafe style.

Nothing is an option, if you don't need sun protection or privacy and your arched window is a piece of art itself. Look at this picture and think about what you might do. Would you choose a blind and if so where would you mount it? Would you choose a fabric shade or drapery?

Cottage 52 Foyer & Stair Hall mediterranean hall

Classic Coastal Colonial Renovation - Breakfast Nook contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen design by new york
 general contractor 
Michael Robert Construction

Draperies are a great option. Mount the rod above the arch or at an obvious break in the window. Keeping your budget in mind, the higher you go, the more fabric that's required.

Sherry Hart traditional family room
living room contemporary living room

Shutters are a custom option for sure. Templates required! If you have a local craftsman, like we do (James Hill of Shutters Direct) wood shutters are a gorgeous option. James' shutters come with a 10 year warranty. Take shutters part way up (see bottom shutter picture) and leave natural light coming in. Shutters are a great option for this window because they're mounted on the sides with hinges, no worries about where to put the brackets.

Master Bathroom traditional bathroom
Blinds like silhouettes (Hunter Douglas style) part way up, don't need a center bracket if the window isn't too wide so you can mount with end brackets at the height that works best. If you're window is really wide, another consideration would need to be made. Woven shades, bamboo style look great also, depending on your style. Most blind companies will make specialty shaped blinds that fit exactly.

Owners Bath traditional bathroom
traditional bathroom design by philadelphia 
design-build Echelon Custom Homes

Cafe style is a good option if you have a fabric that you want to display, need a bit of privacy and want to add some interest. You can use a tension rod inside the window or take a decorative rod across to the outside as long as your fabric's not too heavy to be supported by 2 outside brackets. (not always a place for a center bracket).

Kathleen Kedigh traditional living room
traditional living room design

Arch windows don't have to be so elusive, take some time and think about your options, style and function.

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