Sunday, February 5, 2012

When is red drapery ok?

If you ask my husband, he may say "never". There was once this fabric I liked ...that's another story.

With Valentine's Day on it's way, it made me think about using red in home decor, especially drapery.

Heart Pillow Cushion Red Love by Sewn Natural modern holiday decorations

I had red drapes in my bedroom as a kid, they were ugly then and still would be as they were a horrid colour and a nasty texture. Sorry Mom! (That was long before she started the business!)

People tend to stay away from red in drapery because it can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Take a look at some different ways to tastefully incorporate red into window coverings.

It makes a difference where you use red in your home decor. If you're considering red in your bedroom, be careful of using too much, keep it as an accent if you want to use it. Red is energizing and lively. Even though red is considered passionate, it's not the greatest for a restful sleep.

Study sitting area contemporary home office
This is an excellent way to use red as an accent colour. The grey and white break it up, so its not too much. Choosing a fabric with red in it is a great way to stay safe.

Lullwater eclectic living room
These red drapes blend in with the rest of the room, so they don't jump out at you. This is a lively, energizing room. If your whole room is red, the drapes support the decor.

PlantAsian asian living room

These drapes go with the asian theme of the room and add the home owner's personal touch. Maybe they're world travellers.

Betsy Burnham  living room
Heather Garrett Design contemporary living room

Banding is a great way to use red in drapery if you don't want too much. 

Baby Boys Urban Cool Nursery eclectic kids

Choosing a classic geometric fabric in red is another great way to use red. There isn't a lot of red in the room, so these drapes become a fun focal point. This is used in a kid's room, but we've used this fabric elsewhere also with great results.

Mercer House traditional living room

If you're brave enough to paint your ceiling red, instead of the town, then choosing red drapery is a nice way to bring the room together. This looks like a big space and it can support the drama that red brings.

Maybe adding some red candy hearts in a dish is about as red as you'll get, that's ok too! Happy Valentine's Day!

For more ideas on red decor check out Style at Home magazine online.

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