Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home owners and their pets

This picture may just prove my theory (unscientific) that people decorate their homes around their pets! I'm sure its not a conscious thing, although some may do so on purpose.

West 3rd Residence modern

I guess pets only really come in a couple of colours, compared to paint colours. Still, what is it about these pictures that make us smile? 

Brian Patrick Flynn

Pets are fairly neutral. Maybe its that when we're picking a neutral colour for our home we subconsciously pick the colour of our pet. Canadians are so safe, that must be part of it.

AllPopArt Custom Artwork

These people picked the wall, couch and pillow colour from their dog... (I'm assuming that's their dog) and Rover even gets to be centre of attention in their choice of artwork.

jenny rausch traditional kitchen

This pooch doesn't even know he blends right in.

mud room storage traditional entry

These 2 are something else, just waiting for the kids to get home from school.

Living proof of my theory at my house. Grey schnauzer, grey walls.