Tuesday, December 20, 2011

white on white decorating

If you searched "white on white decorating" to see if it was ok, the answer is YES, take a look!

If you searched the term for ideas, have a look! I found these lovely photos on Veranda Magazine's website. 

White on white decorating makes for a restful feel in your home. It's clean and crisp and makes dull days feel alright. May not be suitable for homes that have messy hands. That's up to you.

Matching your drapery to your wall colour is always a safe idea. We find a lot of our clients like to be safe when choosing drapery in a room that's already decorated. 

Use of white in this room is so restful and inviting

White on white decorating in a bedroom is so restful

White drapery, walls and chairs

White table and white walls
White drapery on white walls 
White is used as the back drop for the walls and trim and then picked up again in the couch and accessories

White walls, white couch, white drapery!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 2 ideas on insulation for windows in winter!

Why insulation for windows in winter? So your family enjoyment can stay high and your heat bills low!

Anything is better than nothing but if you're tired of the sheet or Hudson's Bay blanket on your window and want some decorative ideas keep reading.

Yesterday I mentioned the guy with the overhead screen in front of his window to block the sun. I'm sure there are other creative ways to insulate windows in winter, maybe leaving your Christmas tree in front of the window could give some help to the cold air coming through your windows.

I know my list should be way longer than 2! The thing is I started on this topic of insulation for windows in winter and honestly wrote the first two. Then I found this article on Apartment Therapy and my top 2 are on their list.

So here are my top 2...

1. Lined, fully closing drapery. This is the one of the best insulators on a window. According to the University of Texas, for single glazed windows, adding drapes reduces heat loss by 37%, for double glazed windows by 30%, but adding insulated drapes to a single glazed window reduces heat loss by 56% or 48% for double glazed. They warn, however, that in really cold climates condensation can form on windows. This happens when the drapes are too close to the window and don't have any way for the air to get out. If your drapery rod doesn't go all the way to the ceiling and you don't have returns (that part that goes back to the wall) you should be just fine.

Lined Sheers

2. Duette Architella Hunter Douglas shades. Why do I consider this one of the best ideas on insulation for windows in winter? Architella shades have an extra layer of insulation inside the honeycomb. A honeycomb within a honeycomb. Up to 50% of heat can be lost through your windows in the winter months. If you've ever had one on a window, its like a blanket for your window. The only caution is the air not having anywhere to escape. The best thing to do is leave the shade up a tiny bit at the bottom (or the top if you have one of those up down blinds, aka top down) so the air can escape, otherwise you'll get condensation on your windows.

Architella Hunter Douglas
 Have a look at Apartment Therapy's list for their top 5!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorative Art

Let's talk pillows for a bit. I know they don't do a good job of covering your windows.... and this blog is about covering your windows.

I once met a guy on the street that was taking an old overhead screen from someone's garbage. He told me that he would use it to block the sun in his apartment. I thought this was genius, use what works. I think he was single, need I say more. I did think he was creative, however.

This blog is also about awesome fabrics that we come across and use in a variety of ways. I happened to come across Beacon Hill's Decorative Art and was smitten by this pattern. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Decorative Art by Beacon Hill Design

Telfer School of Management in Ottawa was hosting their annual gala to raise money for CHEO. We thought this would be a perfect time to use the fabric in a smaller than drapery size way. Pillows!

Here's the result.

Pillows by Faye Fortune Drapery Design for the Telfer School of Management (Casco) fundraiser 2011