Natalie's House

Because of all the pictures we took, you'd think that we had decorated Natalie's whole house, when in fact, she did it herself. Natalie's a young, busy mom in Ottawa, who's a graphic and interior designer.

We simply helped her choose the fabric for her drapes, discuss pleat option, hardware options, lining options, had them sewn and installed... and had some fun along the way!

We had our photographer Dina, another young, busy artist mom takes some pics. 

We're really happy with how it all came together. 

Enjoy some pics from Natalie's house featuring Robert Allen's Dwell Studio Vintage Plumes in Birch. (say that 5 times fast)

Stationary side panel
Stationary side panels frame the room
Stationary side panel complements Natalie's picture gallery
Baby's always make pictures look better
Finishing details 
Drapery pleat option

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