Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking for a good style and home magazine with some window drapery ideas?

If you're looking for a good style and home magazine, a few come to mind.

Two great Canadian publications are Style at Home and House and Home.

You can find so many great window drapery ideas.

Recently I was flipping through 2 style and home magazines, one was Decor (Meredith Specials) and the other was Window and Wall Ideas which is put out by Better Homes and Gardens. (haven't seen the latest copy, not sure if they're still making this one)

It's amazing to see how window drapery ideas haven't really changed too much.

I took this picture because I was stunded at how similar these two drapery styles are.

One picture appeared in Window and Wall Ideas in 2000 and the other picture was shown in Decor magazine in 2011.

Window Drapery Ideas. Picture on the left from 2000, picture on the right from 2011

Wow, not a whole lot of difference in window drapery ideas but it's nice to know that your home isn't too outdated is it?

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