Monday, November 14, 2011

How drapery and curtains can change your life!

When I go to client's homes, I love the reaction of the man in particular. The first question is "how much is this going to cost me?" Bottom line please. It makes me smile because I know that's exactly what my hubby would say. It's not like new drapery and curtains is going to change his life in a "save the world" kind of way, like his life would be incomplete without it. But it will finish that room off that his wife has been agonizing over for the past 10 years... On second thought, maybe it will change his life.

Think about a bunch of fabric sewn into a panel with awesome drapery pleats and lining and maybe interlining. Yes, this can change your life.

How?  You ask? It can make you happier on a small scale, because you've finally gotten around to completing your room. Having something beautiful to look at can improve your mental state and give you inspiration.

Or what about a roman shade that functions and keeps the light from shining into your eyes in the morning to wake you up. See, you get to sleep more!

Let's keep going...

Your mother will stop disapproving of your plain windows! Do you have a mother or mother in law like that? We'll save this for another post.

If you do the drapery hanging yourself, you'll get a great workout. Anyone can ask my hubby about that.

For men, it can give them a happy wife.

On the flip side, I once had a man call and say he was desperate and would we finish off the drapes that his wife had started about 2 years ago. That made me smile too!

For women, even though your man says it doesn't matter, deep down it does. See what happens when you hang up a tasteful pair of drapes on a window that is needing some tlc. He'll say something!

Too many pillows on the bed... that's another topic all together. If you take some pillows off, that could change a man's life. Much happier!

You can even save money on your heating costs since window coverings, particularly blinds and fully closing, lined drapery will keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter. How nice is that?

So, happier because of completing a task, getting more sleep, a less disapproving mother, a great workout and saving money!

There you have it! You can always visit our site for other reasons too!

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