Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make your bathroom look bigger with a shower curtain remedy!

How much of our life is spent in the bathroom? I'm not sure, there must be some statics on this.... I googled it and looks like about 1.5 years of your life, hmm, better make sure you like it.

If your bathroom is feeling smallish or your tub doesn't get enough light, here are some solutions for you to consider. Instead of going to the effort of having an electrician in to install a light, maybe a change in shower curtain is all that's required.

Recently we had a client that had this exact issue.

We decided to make the shower curtain an actual drape. Instead of using grommets or shower hooks, we mounted a modern drapery rod at the ceiling. This gave a nice dramatic effect and when you walk into the bathroom, it seems bigger than it is.

For the style of drape, we decided to do a banding of the main fabric at the top and then about 6" down, we inserted a 12" banding of funky sheer that allows the light in. The rest of the curtain is in the main fabric. I drove one of our seamstresses nuts, but she's awesome so its ok!

We chose Amazing Race in colour Bisque from Robert Allen for the main fabric.

Amazing Race Bisque Robert Allen

For the funky sheer we chose Border Park in colour Oat from Robert Allen.

Border Park Oat Robert Allen

For the drapery hardware we used Kontur from Claire Deco. 

Here is the result.

Custom Shower Curtain

Amazing Race is 100% linen and hangs beautifully. It wasn't wrinkly like some other linens you meet.

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