Monday, January 16, 2012

Jump on the drapery banding wagon!

Do you or your clients have sad looking drapes on your window or in a box in the basement?

Don't throw them out just yet.

Maybe they need an update. Here are some ways to save yourself some money and be green.

Banding is simply adding fabric or trim to your existing drapery in any way you can think of (as long as your seamstress is up for it).

Benefits of drapery banding...

Fix sun fade. If your drapery is looking a little faded, especially on the inside of the panel where the sun hits it, this is a great spot to add vertical banding.

Vertical banding can be done in the same type of fabric or you can take this opportunity to add some texture to your drapes. A general width for vertical banding is 2-4" or whatever looks well proportioned.

Add length. If your drapery has been cleaned lately and you're noticing some shrinkage, this is a great time to add banding to the bottom of your drapes. Choose a different colour or texture for interest.

When adding banding to the bottom, 12-16" is good. You can use the golden ration of 3/8 and 5/8. If your drapery panel needs to be 88" long, add 33" to the bottom and keep the top at 55". This will keep it nicely proportioned. Look for any horizontal lines in the room that you wish to follow.

Moving. If you're going to a new home and love your drapery, take it with you. Measure in your new place to see where it'll fit best and then you can think about adding banding to make your drapery custom fit.

Instant update. By adding banding to your existing drapery you automatically add interest and you'll feel like you've got a whole new pair of drapes.

Is it worthwhile? If the drapes were custom made, then most likely they're good quality and properly lined. If store bought, make sure the fabric isn't too flimsy. Don't waste time on new banding, if the fabric is sun faded all over or won't stand up much longer.

When you want to jump on or off the drapery banding wagon, don't hurt yourself, call a window covering specialist or if you're up for it, try it yourself!

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