Thursday, January 26, 2012

Benefits of using wool in home decor

My husband bought me this awesome scarf. It's super cozy and soft. Apart from having an ikatish look to it, its a blend of wool and viscose. Heaven help the family member that throws this in the wash... dry clean only!

It got me thinking about the benefits of using wool in home decor. Not just for men's suits anymore, wool used in home decor adds warmth to the look and feel of a room. It drapes well and is flame resitant, resistant to static electricity, wrinkle resistant and eco-friendly. I'm in love already!

Wool in Carpets
Jonathan Adler Lollipop Rug in Rugs eclectic rugs
by Jonothan Adler

People have used wool in carpets for years. A little bit of luxury under the feet makes us happy!

Carpets made of wool will lessen the effect of static electricity, so less of those annoying shocks that you get from your carpet. Your kids may not like this, as I recall, part of the winter indoor fun was walking around shocking each other. (no wool carpets at our house growing up)  Wool carpets are a beautiful thing and can last you for years to come. Read the benefits for yourself.

Wool in throws and bedding
Alpaca Wool Throw traditional throws
by Haus Interior

Wool is a natural insulator which makes for a great fabric in this crazy Ottawa climate. It keeps things warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather. Use a wool comforter on your bed for a great night's sleep. Wool used in bedding today isn't as itchy and scratchy as it used to be. 

Wool in drapery

Wool Felt Perforated Panel Set modern curtains
modern curtains design by
Don't get scared, these are made of wool felt and are a unique modern design. Even with the holes in them, I imagine they're awesome insulators. For more traditional and contemporary spaces most of our fabric companies have a line of wool fabrics that we use in a drapery panel.

Wool drapes are likely to be less wrinkly than your average drape. If you prefer the wrinkled look, linen maybe be more your style.

Wool that's used in drapery is often in a solid colour, like this Beacon Hill wool sateen. This fabric is 90% wool and 10% nylon. Drapery panels in this fabric add sophistication to a room, are restful and slightly masculine, it does remind you of a suit.

Some wool fabrics have a stripe like this one from Beacon Hill.

You can also get wool drapery fabrics with plaid. Imagine that. This one from Beacon Hill is 100% wool.

Wool fabrics come in lots of colours also, it doesn't have to look drab.

Have fun in your home, enjoying the look and the benefits of wool!

scarf used as a runner

bhg magazine

bhg magazine

Cozy up to wool all year long. Find out more interesting wool benefits.

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