Monday, November 12, 2012

Starting a new business at 45!

Who says you're too old to start something new?

Faye started her drapery business when she was 45 and now, 25 years later is still in business.

Although there have been tough times, a few things have led to her success of working with clients in their homes.

1. People lover. You must be kind. You don't have to be "nicey nice", but liking people is kind of a given.

2. Prepare your client. Make sure you go over details of what your client can expect as a finished product. Don't assume they know about how the end result is supposed to look. This will minimize problems.

3. Be present. Faye has made sure to be available at the time of installation. Showing up, when your client has invested a lot of money or a little, makes you a more trustworthy person.

4. Follow up. Don't be afraid to make that call or send that email. If your client isn't happy, what can you do to help the situation? Faye has sent countless handwritten thank you cards. "Thank you's" go a long way.

Nothing I mentioned has to do with being a good sales person. Techniques are great and we use them, when appropriate, but we all know there's more to running a business than the latest sales aid.

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