Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bits and Bobs

My friend Amanda is from England, one day I overheard her use the term "bits and bobs" I loved it. So great a description for a bit of this and a bit of that.

It's been way too long... life got busy and blogging took a back seat. Here's a few things we've been working on lately... some bits and bobs!

Kelly's windows. Kelly is an ottawa area decorator and had found some great fabrics to use for her valances. She wanted to go with an east coast look. You can check out her blog for more of her decorating ideas.

Ripplefold. I'd been wanting drapery in our tv room for some time now and finally got around to it. My family mostly rolls their eyes at me when they see me bring the fabric books home. I chose a fun, modern print from Robert Allen Design called Overpass. I decided to use ripple fold at the top instead of traditional pleat. The result was fun. My kids even admitted that the drapery made the room better, now, we actually like being in the room. Hmmm what's next.

Sky's the limit. Height doesn't scare us! But it can be intimidating. We'll keep you posted with the fun we've been having at Chris' place. It involves scaffold and lots of coffee and bribing for my installers! 22 feet high.

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  1. I love the valances, Heather - thank you! They're just what I envisioned. You did a great job deciphering my very non-technical terms :-) One small note - I'm not actually from the east coast, but I love it there and plan to move there one day :-)

    The ripplefold curtains look great, both the fabric and the design. I'll keep this style in mind for the next time I need curtains.


  2. Kelly, I will change that, why am I thinking you're from the east coast? LOL.